What is an Adventure Camp?

We are encouraging every Cub Pack to have a special adventure based camp at some point in 2016.  Adventure Camps can be anything from a two day/one night event to a week long one!

Camps could be under canvas or based indoors.  Whatever the type of event, Adventure Camps should be designed to recognise that the Cub section is all about fun and adventure! It is a perfect way to have fun, undertake challenging activities and complete badges and awards.  

An Adventure Camp is a brilliant way to give the Cubs an opportunity to try something they haven't done before and even get their parents and friends involved!

An adventure is:

  • doing something to challenge your Pack
  • spending time with their friends
  • learning something new
  • going somewhere new
  • learning to enjoy a few nights without home comforts
  • doing something exciting and different

When should we hold an Adventure Camp?

Adventure Camps will generally take place between April and October.

Does our Camp have to take place outdoors?
Camping should always be an adventure, but even more so this year!  Everyone should ber able to be involved in a Camp this year so you shouldn't need to stretch the budget too much or travel too far. 

For an indoor residential, consider decorating your hall in a forest style and use pop-up tents.  You could even look for an unusual indoor venue, what about a castle!?

Remember, if you can include one or two things your Cubs don't normally get to do it will be even more memorable!

How can I involve the Cubs?

It is so important for young people to be able to shape their own Scouting experience so make sure you ask them what they would like to do! They can help you with what games and activities they would like to play, badges they would like to complete and what they would like for lunch and so on. 

Every Cub should have the opportunity to get involved and attend an Adventure Camp.

Who will run our Adventure Camp?

This event could be the most difficult for Section Leaders to deliver, especially where Leadership teams may be new or lack the confidence to take the Cubs on Camp.  Country and District teams can play a major part in ensuring that all Cubs have the opportunity to go on an Adventure Camp. 

Districts can pair up Cub Packs where lack of experienced leaders may be an issue in one of the Packs.  This could be a great opportunity to get inexperienced Leaders a camping permit.

Counties and District may choose to centrally organise a bigger scale event to cover this aspect of the year.  However, the size of the event is not the most important thing, the main focus of an Adventure Camp is that everyone can take part. 

Campsites have a key role to play here and can make their local Cub teams' job easier by offering ready programmes to join in with.  These Camps are the main way of promoting the adventure element of Cubs100, and are a key way of our Scout Activity Centre Teams and Scout Active Support Units supporting Packs and making the year special.  

Scout Activity Centres are offering Adventure Camps and can provide support and will run tons of adventurous activities and can tailor these to your Section and requirements.  All of the Adventure Camps available can be found here.

Click the image below to download your Adventure Camp resource pack.

Why not show an inspiring message from Steve Backshall at your Adventure Camp:

(Available to download here)