Throw a Promise Party

Promise Parties will take place across the UK. Each and every Cub should be able to attend a party organised locally, and remake their Promise. MORE INFO HERE

Renew your Promise on social media on 16 December

There are several ways you can join in with the Promise Parties from wherever you are. Simply share one of the following on social media on 16 December.

  • Share a selfie or video message of you making the Scout sign and/or Promise - make sure you use #Cubs100 with your message.
  • Share your Promise to support Cubs. For example, 'I promise to always support Cubs and Cub Scouting #Cubs100', 'I promise to continue volunteering as a Cub Leader #Cubs100’, 'I promise to do my best, and support #Cubs100’ - make sure you use #Cubs100 in everything you share.
  • Print this 'Promise card', write your Promise, and then share a selfie with it, on social media, using #Cubs100

Add the #Cubs100 Twibbon to your social media profiles

Adding a Twibbon to your social media profile is a great way to show support for something you believe in! MORE INFO HERE

Join our Thunderclap (16 December at 7pm)

Think differently about your Cubs100 Promise

The 16 December will be amazing opportunity to show the world the power of our Promise. We are asking all Cubs, old and new to make their promise and share it on social media on the same day with the hashtag, #Cubs100.

But to make it really special, why not think of a new and inspiring way to make the Promise? Here are a few ideas…

  • Make your promise in an unusual location – on a climbing wall, in a canoe, on a mountain top or at a famous place  
  • Use words on a sheet instead of speaking 
  • Use sign language 
  • Each person says a few words each 
  • Say it as a family or father and daughter/mother and son
  • Wear your Cubs100 necker
  • Make it outside
  • Do a mannequin promise 
  • Explain what your promise means … how have you helped other people, how do you do your duty? What does doing your best mean?

Whatever you do, make sure you share it on 16th December. Let’s make it the biggest Promise ever!