Blog | Planning a County Thanks Event

To celebrate 100 years of Cub Scouts, we’re asking Cubs to hold Thanks Events to recognise and celebrate the people who’ve made local Cub sections a success over the years. Read on to find out how West Yorkshire held a Thanks Party recently, as told by Lead Volunteer for Cubs100, Phil Pearson.

‘In planning our County Thanks Party, we were determined to give Cub Scouts who were involved the chance to act as hosts and entertainers. We decided to recruit separate teams of young people; a cooking team, brought together by holding a County-wide cooking competition, and an entertainment team, recruited through our County gang show.

‘For the cooking competition, we asked Cubs to provide an afternoon tea celebrating 100 years of Cub Scouts. The event attracted six teams, representing different Districts in the County, and the winners were invited to prepare the food for the Thanks Party.

‘The entertainment team came to three separate rehearsals, eventually preparing two songs and two sketches which they took from the Thanks Event resource. They also put together a timeline presentation, using the History of Cub Scouts resource.

‘When it came to who should be invited, we decided to ask former Assistant County Commissioners (Cub Scouts) as well as other volunteers who had worked in the section over the years. Each District was also given five invites for their District Commissioner, Assistant District Commissioner (Cub Scouts) and three other volunteers of their choosing. In total, just under 100 people attended the party.

‘Our County Archives Team worked hard to collect as many interesting articles, photographs and old Cub uniforms as they could. The displays were well received by all, as was the Cubs100 birthday cake we commissioned!!

‘The Party took place from 4-7pm. Cubs spent the first hour serving (non-alcoholic!) drinks and canapés, giving guests the chance to meet old friends and enjoy having a look at the archive displays. For dinner, each table was looked after by a couple of Cub Scout waiters, who served up sausages in mini frying pans, potato wedges in mini baskets as well as sandwiches, cakes and dirt puddings! Each table had a pretend fire and grate in the middle too.

‘The event concluded with the Entertainment Team taking to the stage and the cutting of the birthday cake. It was a superb example of how effective a Thanks Party can be in bringing different generations together to explore and celebrate the Cub Scout centenary.’

Words by Phil Pearson, Cubs100 Project Lead Volunteer

You can find out more about Thanks Events and how to old your own, here.