Promise Parties will take place across the UK and each and every Cub should be able to attend a party organised locally, and remake their Promise. 

When should I hold a Promise Party?

The official birthday of Cubs is widely seen as the 16th of December. This was the day in 1916 when the Wolf Cubs were launched.  It would be a great end to the year if everyone could remake their Promise at 19:16 (7:16pm) on this date. 

How can Cubs get involved?

Cubs should have an input into the type of party they would like. Ask them for their ideas to finish the year on a high, and give you the opportunity to launch the next 100 years of Cubs!

It could take the form of a disco, an activity evening or maybe a challenge night, as long as it is memorable and everyone remakes their promise! The party should focus on their section moving forward. 

Who will run the event?

Parties could be held for just your own Pack or a really big party could be organised with the whole District or Area/County/Region involved. The party can be as big as you like and just like your Thanks Party, the scale of the event will depend on who organises it. 

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Renew your Promise with Steve Backshall

For Christian's, Jews and Sikhs:

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For humanists, atheists and those with no defined faith:

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Birthday wishes from Chief Scout Bear Grylls!

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