By way of celebrating 100 years of Cub Scouts the 11th Southgate Cub pack decided to take part in a local Sport relief Event. The aim was to run 100 miles for Sport relief and raise money for people less fortunate than ourselves. To get out and be seen in the community doing what scouts do – thinking of others before themselves !

Notices were given out but interests seemed muted. However as part of our programmes we looked at the work of the Sport relief charity, who they help and in what countries people are helped. We know that 50% of monies raised is spent in the UK and 50% internationally.  

This term has flashed past and before we knew it the  20th March was upon us. Sport Relief Day. How did we do? Amazingly.

We never dreamed that we would get 53 people taking part. Fantastic. And that the total miles that we would clock up would be 173 ! truly astonishing and well past our original target.

A week or two beforehand the cubs cut out some triangles that would be made into bunting. Balloons were blown up, certificates written and running shoes made ready.

On the morning of the 20th the sky was grey and it was a damp and dreary looking day. Oh well, us scouting types get out there no matter what the weather!

The minibus had been loaded on Thursday evening and an early start for the Leaders on the Saturday morning – at 9-30am there they were putting up the shelter, hanging bunting and balloons, laying out the tables and looking for the coffee.

10-15am and a trickle of people began to arrive, by 10-30am most people had turned up and the clouds were beginning to thin out, there was some blue sky up there! Everyone registered and pinned on their running numbers and started looking around, maybe a bit apprehensively but all getting just a little bit excited.

A couple of photos before we start and then, time to get to the start line and we were off. Off and running. 200 people in total and we were a quarter of the turnout ! Excellent stuff.

There were some walking a mile, some walking/running three miles and some silly people walking/running 6 miles.

How far was irrelevant it was the taking part that counted and having so many people turn out in support of this event was great. The kids loved it; I saw happy smiling faces all around me, running along with the wind in their hair, mums and dads in hot pursuit. Everyone moving along at their own pace but being encouraged on by all around them when they needed it. Real team work. And the sun was shining!

Everyone achieved what they set out to achieve and had a good time doing so. I hope you all enjoyed wearing your medals.

The other amazing thing to tell you all is that at the time of writing this, although  I am still finding out what has been raised by individuals and families, I know for a fact that the total is £1,425-00 and still counting.

I hope my cubs, parents and Leaders are all very proud of themselves, I know I am proud of them all. It was a fantastic day and everyone had fun.

Thank you to everyone that sponsored the team or a family or an individual. Every penny counts and hopefully next term we will look a little more at the great work done with the money that is raised.