Last weekend Gilwell played host to Waltham Forest South District’s Saint George’s Day Celebration camp. Despite the bad weather and the vast amount of mud occupying the Branchet field, over 250 young members took part in a number of different activities. A number of the activities had been provided by groups within the district; Axe Skills, Observation Trail, Paracording, Tomahawk Throwing, Camp Cooking, Rope Making, Craft and the Navigators Stage 1 Badge. There were also activities provided by Gilwell Park; Ariel Trek, Pedal Karts, Rock Climbing and Aero ball.

All of the participants closed the camp by celebrating the life and story of saint George. The celebrations were led by our District Youth Commissioner (Matthew Bird) and our two Deputy District Commissioners (Holly Edwards & Peter Baxter), who brought the story to life by inviting a number of young members to play the parts of St George, the dragon and the villages. The celebrations were closed with a promise renewal by all sections. As this year also marks the centenary of cubs, a number of our young leaders began to brainstorm a way to mark the occasion. It was decided that the best way to mark something this big was with something big of our own. We quickly arranged as many of the participants into the shape of the number 100. Beavers making up the 1, Cubs making up the first zero and the scouts and young leaders making up the second.

Rob Warner Lead Scouter in WFS said "Everyone had a fantastic time despite the ankle deep mud, we topped of the weekend by celebrating a 100 years of Cub Scout as well as renewing our promise and celebrating our patron saint St. George"