2016 is a very special year for the Cub Scouts. They celebrate their centenary. To mark such an important occasion, only a Steiff bear will do!

This cheeky little cub is made from luxuriously silky soft, golden-brown mohair with a contrasting cream-coloured muzzle. His adorable nose and mouth are stitched entirely by hand, and his black button eyes twinkle merrily.

He proudly wears his special green ‘necker’ embroidered with the official centenary badge in delicate golden thread and secured with a miniature woggle. Made from genuine leather, the woggle is stamped in gold with the Cubs logo and the fleur-de-lis, which represents the three elements of the Scout Promise – Duty to God and Country, Duty to Self and Duty to Others.

Like all the best collector bears, the Cub Scout Centenary Bear is fully jointed – so you can pose him as wish…from sitting to standing…from a friendly wave…to a warm embrace.

As the perfect finishing touch for this very special bear, the dates 1916-2016 are beautifully embroidered in golden thread on one footpad.

The Cub Scout Centenary Bear is being made in a strict limited edition. He will be produced only until 31st December 2016. Each bear is numbered so ensure the lowest available number by reserving your bear now!

Actual height is 9" (25cm) standing.

You can purchase your Cub Scout Centenary Bear here.