One of TV’s most adventurous presenters, wildlife expert and author Steve Backshall is incredibly proud to be #Cubs100’s Ambassador!

"Like me, Cub Scouts love adventure and the outdoors. That’s why I’m so excited to be the Ambassador for Cubs100, the 2016 centenary of Cubs. With thousands of adventure camps, parties and other activities taking place right across the UK, we’re calling it The Wildest Birthday Ever.

Today 150,000 girls and boys are enjoying the fun and friendship of Cubs. They’re learning new skills, trying new things and having the best possible start in life. If you were a Cub, why not come back and give us a little of your time as a volunteer? You’ll have incredible fun and help inspire a new generation. If you’re aged 8-10½ come join the adventure. Happy Birthday Cubs!"    

Steve has been passionate about the wild world ever since he could crawl. Growing up, he counted the animals that lived around him as his best pals – from the asthmatic donkey to the grass snakes in the manure heap. Steve loves mountaineering, kayaking, scuba-diving, martial arts and endurance running, which together with his unsurpassed wildlife knowledge and experience combines to make him an amazing #Cubs100 Ambassador.

His adventures are some what more extreme now. You will have seen some of Steve's encounters with extraordinary and inspiring predators on his award winning series Deadly 60, as well as his recent adventures on Big Blue Live where he was interrupted, mid interview, by a Blue Whale.  Steve has written 13 books so far.  His most recent book is Shark Seas.   His adventure fiction series the Falcon Chronicles includes three novels, Tiger WarsGhosts of the Forest and Wilds of the Wolf

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