What is a Thanks Event?

Thanks Events are designed to recognise the people who have made your Cub section a success over the years.  The event will celebrate the living history of Cubs in your local area. 

The exact nature of the event is decided locally and could be used to recognise past leaders who have retired or to thank existing leaders who run Cubs on a weekly basis. 

When should we hold our event?

We expect that Thanks Events will be held between January and March 2016.  The event could provide some good media coverage to help launch the celebration year in your town or city. 

Monday 22nd February 2016 is Founders Day and may make a useful link to the theme!

How can Cubs get involved?

Young people should be encouraged to take a key role in the organisation of the event, this should be something they can all be proud of! Cubs can be invoved in all sorts of ways including:

  • Preparing food and drinks
  • Prepare the venue with homemade decorations they have made at weekly meetings
  • Welcome and entertain guests
  • Have fun!

Who runs the event?

The event can be run at Group, District or County level. It could also be an ideal opportunity to involve Scout Active Support Units, or used for District teams to thank people. 

The scale of your event will determine who organises it,  for example:

  • A Group event to focus on their own history could be run by a Group Executive
  • A District event to thank all existing Cub Leaders may be run by a District Team or a Scout Active Support Unit
  • A County/Area/Region may run an event to thank District teams

What should my event include?

Events could take many forms, but may include:

  • An activity evening where guests are paired/grouped with Cubs who take them through some of their favourite activities
  • A Campfire evening with Cubs doing sketches/presentations followed by Campfire snacks
  • A quiz evening led by current Cubs

Who should I invite?

The Thanks Events are a great opportunity to thank past and present, Leaders, managers and your supporters.  It is also a chance to get your local community involved and show them what Scouting is all about!

You might like to share your Thanks Event with guests who will have very special memories of Cubs in your area.  Drawing up your guestlist may take some time and research and you will need to check the capacity of your chosen venue before you invite your guests. 

You may want to talk to people you know have been involved in Cubs over the years to get a better idea of who may like to attend the party. 

It is a great idea to use social media to get the news out about your party if you do not have contact details for some previous Cubs or Leaders you may wish to come.  This is a great way of former Cubs to be able to share their memories of their time in the Group, even if they are unable to attend the party.  

Some Packs keep a weekly diary and it would be worth looking back through these books to find out more about who was involved in your Pack previously.  You may find that there is a keen collector of Scouting memorabilia in your local area who would love to bring along some historical items and chat to the Cubs about the last 100 years.   

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Use this Steve Backshall message at your Thanks Event -

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