What is Cubs100?

2016 marks 100 years of Cubs! That's 100 years of fun, 100 years of adventure and 100 years of trying something new! This really will be the Wildest Birthday Ever!

To help you celebrate we have tried to think of everything you may need to make 2016 the best years for Cubs yet!  We have designed this site to be packed full of programme ideas and activities help you make the most of this amazing year.  There are all different events and opportunities throughout 2016, as well as a whole years worth of programme ideas you can use with your Pack!

Cubs themselves have a massive role to play in this special year.  This website will help you get them involved in the planning stages so they can help choose and organise their activities.  Cubs can gain badges and awards by tackling different activities and projects. 

This year is all about giving Cubs the opportunity to shape and enjoy the excitement, fun and adventure of Cubs.  With your help we want as many Cubs and Leaders to be involved in Cubs100 as possible!

What does Scouting mean to Cubs?

We have asked many Cubs what Scouting means for them, and we often get given the very same answers...a place they can have fun, make new friends, do challenging activities and get really muddy (without getting into trouble!)

Why do Cubs stay in Scouting?

Cubs have told us that they stay involved in Scouting because of the wide range of challenging programme activities! Some of their favourite things to do include:

  • Nights away
  • Spending time outside
  • Earning badges
  • Meeting new people
  • Making friends
  • Trying new adventurous things

How do I make the most of Cubs100?

Cubs100 is the perfect opportunity to attract new Cubs and keep existing ones.  You can do this best by being highly visible in your local communities and showing that Cubs is fun, exciting and adventurous! 

It's great to show that it's a great place to meet and make new friends and offers a wide range of activities to suit all tastes.  As a Leader, you can encourage more young people and adults to get involved, setting Cubs on course for a second amazing Century!

How can I grow Scouting in 2016?

As a Leader, you can personalise your own events in 2016 and provide those opportunities to those outside Scouting.  There are all different ways of doing this, which may include:

  • Invite members of the community along to a Thanks Event 
  • Allow young people to bring a friend along to an Adventure Camp
  • Showcase Cubs' skills and achievements in local schools, fetes or family event days
  • Engage local people or parents/guardians

There are so many exciting things you can do throughout the celebration of Cubs100 to ensure we can all provide opportunities to young people and adults to try something new, challenge themselves and get involved!

How do I share what I'm doing for #Cubs100?

If you want to share the excitement of what you are doing at any of your parties, events or camps (or anything else throughout the year) click here